1.7.3 released!

  • Added: Better landscape orientation support
  • Added: Badges synchronization across multiple devices *
  • Added: New challenge - Forbidden runes
  • Added: Numerous UI improvements incl. the second quickslot
  • Changed: Goo’s behaviour & visuals (slightly)
  • Changed: Wands get autoidentified after a number of usages
  • Changed: King of Dwarves & Rotting Fist are now immune to vertigo
  • Changed: Challeges are renamed
  • Changed: “Sniper’s mark” is replaced with “Zeroed in”
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs

and more…

*This one may be potentially buggy.

1.7.2 released!

  • Added: Immersive mode (switched off by default)1
  • Added: Synchronous mobs movement
  • Added: Challenges (options for new game+)1
  • Added: New item - weightstone
  • Changed: Poison mechanics
  • Changed: Toxic gas (slightly)
  • Changed: Blindweed is replaced by Dreamweed
  • Changed: Keys are no longer stackable
  • Changed: Mirror images are now immune to toxic gas and fire
  • Changed: Inscriptions increase armor DR
  • Fixed: Unresponsive error windows
  • Fixed: Wand charging exploit

and more…

1Immersive mode is only available on Android 4.4 and higher.

2Currently implemented challenges look impossible. Maybe they ARE impossible. Feel free to send me your ideas for more adequate ones.

Open source

For those who missed my tweet two days ago and who is interested in this kind of news

The source code of PD is now available at GitHub: https://github.com/watabou/pixel-dungeon

I hope to see a full-fledged mod of Pixel Dungeon one day :)

Missing keys

In the latest update (1.7.1) a new room type was introduced. This room looks like a regular locked room (like a “laboratory” for example), so a player was expected to search the level for an iron key. After failing to obtain it, the player had to find another way to get inside. This new room is quite different from the rest of the “special” rooms in the game and I was ready to receive a lot of complaints about the game being bugged. I was going to answer something like "No, it’s not a bug, it’s a kind of riddle and it’s not that difficult".

But actually there was a bug, and not one, but many. And as a result many players faced “unsolvable” level layouts, I’m sorry about that. I have released two hotfixes and I hope that all issues with missing keys are resolved now, but I’m not 100% sure.

So here is the answer for the puzzle: the key for the door is inside of the room and to get inside you need to jump into the chasm from the level above the level with that locked room. There is another special room (so there are totally 2 new rooms types in the game), that looks like this:

The “leap of faith” has to be performed in this very room, otherwise you’ll land not in the locked room, but in some random location.

1.7.1 released!

This is a really small update. Probably this is the smallest update of Pixel Dungeon ever! It was supposed to be a hotfix, but while working on it I’ve added a couple of new features, so it cannot be counted as a hotfix :). Anyway, here is the list of changes:

  • Added: Shake effect
  • Added: New room type
  • Changed: Inventory improved
  • Changed: Class armor usage is restricted
  • Changed: Leaving the dungeon at night
  • Changed: Some visual are modified
  • Fixed: Several bugs

Usually I add "and more…" here, but this time that’s actually all.

Open source

As I promised several months ago, I’m going to open the source code of Pixel Dungeon.

When? I think it will happen in about 3-4 weeks. I will need to fix some bugs of the latest update (and release a corresponding hotfix) and after that it will take about a couple of weeks to clean and tidy the code (but don’t expect to see an example of good code style :)).

How? I have zero experience in maintaining open source projects and I have no idea how it’s usually done. So I’m just going to create a public repository on GitHub without collaborators - anybody will be able to make a pull request to get a copy of the code. Probably some kind of a license will be included there.


I’m receiving a lot of emails about special bags being “not working”. Like "there is no "OPEN" button for the scroll holder, all my scrolls are lost!"

Guys, that’s one of the main features of the previous update (1.6.4)! You are not supposed to click on a “scroll holder item” to open it, there are tabs for that now: About the new inventory UI. In 1.7.0 I’ve removed “OPEN” button from bags windows to make it more obvious.

Now I know why some people told me about not being able to use scrolls on items in scroll holders and wand holsters :)

1.7.0 released!

  • Added: Now it’s possible to leave the dungeon after obtaining the amulet
  • Added: New caves tiles
  • Added: New water textures
  • Added: New Freerunner’s perk
  • Changed: The dew vial can be filled in a well of health
  • Changed: Drinking from a well of awareness reveals all secrets on a level
  • Changed: Items cannot be dropped into a locked chest
  • Changed: At least one well of transmutation per game
  • Changed: Wand of Lightning is buffed
  • Fixed: Numerous bugs

and much more…

May The Force Be With You!

May The Force Be With You!