Alternative sprites

Someone on Reddit asked me have I ever considered to add gender selection for all classes. Yes, I have. That’s how they looked at that moment:

  • Female warrior
  • Female mage
  • Female rogue
  • Male hunter

As you may notice, they don’t differ much from the current sprites, that’s why they didn’t get into production.


Do you remember that experiment with reflections? Here is another one with shadows:


There are many wrong details about them (they overlap walls, sometimes they are icorrectly attached etc). Some of them are easy to fix, some of them are not. In general I like how these simple shadows look, they work really well with animated sprites. But I’m not sure, that this is the right direction to move. What do you think?

Regarding some changes in 1.6.4

  • Q: I can't pick up a seed after throwing it into an alchemy pot. Tapping on a square with it opens another "Select a seed to throw" window.
  • A: Indeed, now you can't step on a tile with an alchemy pot by tapping it and therefore you can't pick up an item there in this way. Instead you need to tap a wall behind the alchemy pot. Yes, I know, that this solution is neither obvious, nor graceful, but I have no better idea how to implement it. Also it's a relatively rare situation anyway.

Regarding some changes in 1.6.4

  • Q: After using a scroll of magic mapping on an "abyss" level I can see some blocks, that look like inaccessible rooms. Bug?
  • A: Nope. They are not rooms, but random solid blocks. They are added to make space not so empty. If they were rooms, the scroll would show their interior.

1.6.4 released!

  • Added: Ring of Power (replaces Ring of Energy)
  • Added: Ring of Elements (replaces Rings of Cleansing and Resistance)
  • Added: Ring of Herbalism
  • Added: Wand holster
  • Added: Alternative Imp quest
  • Added: Level feelings
  • Added: New sounds
  • Added: Bright mode
  • Added: Numerous UI improvements
  • Changed: Boomerang can be enchanted
  • Changed: Frost damages fire elementals
  • Changed: Only seeds can be placed into an alchemy pot
  • Fixed: Lots of bugs

…and more

New level layout variation

New level layout variation

Default mode / Bright mode

About the new inventory UI

  • These 3 tabs correspond to available bags, not item categories. That’s why there are no potion and weapon tabs, because there are no such bags in the game. If, for example, you won’t buy the seed pouch, you won’t see its tab; instead all your seeds will be displayed on the backpack tab.
  • When you buy a new bag, you still buy an item, not just its tab. It means, that this new bag will occupy one slot in the backpack, you can throw it away or sell it, a thief can steal it from you etc.

Tweaking the inventory UI