0.5 released!

Pixel Dungeon 0.5 released! This update introduces new levels of the Demon Halls, new items, monsters and the final boss. Also now you can actually win the game by obtaining the Amulet of Yendor. Here is the list of changes from Google Play:

  • Added: 5 new levels with new monsters and the final boss
  • Added: Amulet of Yendor is now obtainable, so you can really win the game
  • Added: Option to scale up UI on large screen devices
  • Added: New enchantment - piercing weapon
  • Added: New items
  • Added: New plants
  • Added: New sounds
  • Added: New badges
  • Added: New water tiles
  • Changed: Volume of gases in potions reduced
  • Changed: King of dwarves is now immune to paralysis
  • Fixed: Several bugs fixed

and more…


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