0.5.3 released!

Ok, Pixel Dungeon 0.5.3 is released. There is one more class now, it’s a Huntress! This character class is unlockable, you need to slain DM-300 to unlock it (but you don’t need to slain it again, if you did it before). There are also very many small changes in this update and I’m too lazy to list them all :)

  • Added: New character class - Huntress
  • Added: New badges
  • Added: Plants descriptions
  • Changed: Rogue’s perks have been changed a little
  • Changed: Some rooms have been changed a little
  • Changed: Some effects have been changed a little
  • Fixed: Bug with blobs (i.e. fire, gases etc)
  • Fixed: Bug that cause a crash when fighting statues
  • Fixed: Bug with throwing equipped missile weapons

and more…


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